The After Times

Let’s not go back to normal.

Does anyone really think we’re going “back to normal” as the COVID-19 crises eases? Does anyone relish the old normal enough to take it back? Would we prefer to transform normal into something that incorporates our realizations and lessons from the past 15 months?

In The Grace Period Is Over (or Is It?) David Zahl contemplates “the dread specter of normality”  and the opportunity to acknowledge that everything we felt and all the ways we managed are just human, and we need to keep that humanity in the After Times.

I discovered, during the Inside Times, that my expectations and understanding of human nature, my own included, were confused and naive, and I needed to sort out how I acted towards myself and others. I needed to begin acknowledging that what my “little I” ego wants and expects was, and is, more in the forefront of my worldview than I’d realized.